We have named each collection after a different marine mammal that is directly affected by human impacts on the environment. This is our way of bringing these mammals’ plight to the forefront of our customers.
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Named after the Beluga Whale. 

Beluga Whales are deeply impacted by pollution. They accumulate the pollutants in their blubber, threatening their immune and reproductive systems. There have even been reported cases of Beluga whales in Canada having such high levels of pollutants in their blubber that they are considered toxic waste! 


Named after the Steller Sea Lion. 

Marine plastic pollution is having a profound impact on their populations. They can ingest or become entangled in marine debris, such as plastic packing bands or abandoned fishing nets, leading to strangulation, starvation and even death. As many marine species die undocumented at sea it is difficult to assess the full extent of the problem - it is likely to be much greater than we realise.