About us

We are Katie and Milo, the creators of KAMI. We are passionate about health, fitness and the environment. Milo is a keen triathlete with a passion for sports, the outdoors and athleisure. Katie has always had a keen interest in the marine environment, which led to her to study Marine Biology at University. Throughout her studies, she consistently encountered the harmful effects of marine plastic pollution, to the environment, marine life and human health, prompting her to reduce plastic usage in her own life. Through researching how to live more sustainably, the harmful effects of fast fashion on the environment and the violation of human rights in many aspects of manufacturing became worryingly apparent. Unable to find high quality and sustainable activewear, KAMI was born with the purpose of creating timeless, fashionable pieces that are sustainable throughout every aspect of the supply chain.


Why we care
Annually, over 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced worldwide. 8 million tonnes of this ends up in our oceans. Marine animals ingest this plastic, mistaking it for food, others can become entangled, unable to swim up for air, eventually drowning. The health of our oceans are of paramount importance not just for marine biodiversity but for our health and well-being too. 
We believe sustainable development cannot be achieved without sustainable and ethical manufacturing practices. As a society we have become so detached from our clothing, where it is produced and by whom. As consumers we have immense power to make lasting changes to the environment and the lives of the workers making our clothes. At KAMI we will strive to be as transparent as possible about every step of our supply chain.


Our Values


Our garments are timeless and flattering on every body.


By purchasing our garments you are allowing us to clean the ocean of plastic, both through the recycled materials we use and our donations to the Marine Conservation Society.


We are open and honest about every step of the supply chain. To find out more check out our sustainability promise.