Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK [our Favourites]

Sustainable Fashion Brands in the UK [our Favourites]

It's so important now more than ever to shop and dress sustainably. With more sustainable brands emerging, and some big players going green, it’s becoming easier to dress sustainably. Despite this, there are still many brands out there appearing to be sustainable. So, it isn’t always easy to spot greenwashing – to learn more about greenwashing click here.

From high-end brands to second-hand shops, here is a list of our favourite sustainable brands for every budget.


We couldn’t make a list about sustainable fashion without including ourselves. Here at KAMI, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality activewear that doesn’t cost people or the planet. Our sustainable activewear is made from abandoned fishing nets and other waste materials destined for landfill and is all made ethically in Europe. Our garment factory is even run on solar panels!


Reformation creates fashionable, ethical and sustainable styles. They use a range of eco-friendly materials including recycled fabrics and Tencel. They also employ a code of conduct for their labour practices, ensuring every worker in their supply chain is paid fairly. The brand is based in LA and only works with people who "share a common vision of sustainability, accountability and transparency". If we are buying clothes new, Reformation is a firm favourite here at KAMI.


If you’re wanting stylish basics, nu-in is the place to go. They sell everything from loungewear and knitwear to dresses. They use a wide range of sustainable materials, and all garments are made ethically. They are completely transparent and have listed all the factories they work with on their website. All of their clothes are also extremely reasonably priced.

Vestiaire Collective

If you’re wanting something fancy Vestiaire is the place to go. You can buy pretty much any designer here second hand. It is a great option if you aren’t wanting to buy new leather or there is a designer handbag you love the look of but aren’t keen on the brand's ethics. Buying second hand is one of the most sustainable ways to shop as you’re keeping all items in circulation and giving them new life. You can also pay to get your items authenticated by Vestiaire, which costs less than £10, so you know what you’re buying is the real deal.

A word of advice for Vestiaire – there is A LOT of stuff on here so it's better to have an idea of what you want before you start browsing.


Like Vestiaire, Depop is a marketplace for second-hand clothing. Depop tends to be on the cheaper side so is a great option for a smaller budget. Are you loving the new collections at ZARA but boycotting fast fashion? Depop is a great place to look for second-hand fast fashion/high street brands.

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is one of the leading high-end designers pushing for a greener future and bringing 100% vegan materials to the fashion market. Stella McCartney has vowed to be “fully transparent” and pushing “towards circularity”. The garments are definitely on the pricer side, but this is to be expected for a high-end designer. We do believe that it is amazing that high-end designers are pushing towards a transparent and circular future, we can't wait for more to follow suit.


We hope this has given you some inspiration for your next online shopping trip. If there are any specific styles of clothing you’re wanting inspiration for, let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to include them in a future blog post.

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